Mini Goldendoodles Are All We Do !!!

 We concentrate solely on Mini Goldendoodles !! We think that mini goldendoodles are great little puppies that grow up into wonderful family pets and best friends. We want to do the best job we can do raising just one breed……

We would love to help your family adopt one of our terrific puppies. We strive to make this process as much fun as we can….this is an exciting time…As my mom always says….”Making Memories” is what’s important….We want to make this experience a great memory in your kid’s lives….We want this to be FUN !!!!

If you’re looking for a girl or boy, smaller or bigger, darker or lighter, more active or less active, we’ll do our best when it’s your turn to choose your puppy, to help you choose the puppy that best fits your family!

We’re here for visits to our farms and we’ll answer all the emails, texts and phone calls that you (and your kids) can muster up !!