Testimonials and Reviews

To follow is a collection of feedback we’ve gotten from all the loving owners of our Country Mini Goldendoodle puppies.

Testimonial #1

Everyone I talk to that wants one – I have been sending them all your way!!! I have your phone number in my cell phone because everybody wants to know where I got him.

He is really such a great dog – and smart too! He has already learned sit, come, stay (for treats of course) and he doing faboulsly on the potty training – we don’t have accidents unless we don’t realize he is at the door (he doest bark – not at anyone!!!) He is also sleeping thru the night now – waking us up with licks to go potty. I have never had a better, socialized puppy before. Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don’t want to fill up your pages with GM pictures… lol…but I love to take them. Just let me know if you are getting too many..

Annah b

Testimonial #2

Dear Angie,

Riley has been an exceptional puppy. We are absolutely thrilled with him. We have recommended your web site to several people we feel are genuinely interested in getting a puppy and would really appreciate an exceptional dog.

Thanks Again

Mark, Susan and Sean

Testimonial #3

Just sending you some pictures of Abby. She is doing great. It took some time for my other dogs to warm up to her but now they have learned to love her. We all love her!!!

Thanks again,


Testimonial #4


WE LOVE HER!!! Sorry it has been a while. I know I can leave her upstairs in her crate and come down to the computer once in a while, but I can’t seem to stay away from her very long. Everyone melts when they see her! Our wild Friday night consisted of a Petsmart adventure to see if we could buy MORE toys for her. She gained a pound in a week between your vet visit and ours. We’re feeding her a ½ cup at every meal so I don’t think it’s like she’s pudging out, she’s just growing! It’s amazing to see her learn her name and figure things out. She was barking as she went down each step at first, now she’s deciding when she wants to go up and down on her own. She stays by us almost all of the time and actually likes children better than new neighbor dogs. Brian is so very tender with her it amazes me. He changed our bedspread so she could cuddle by us in the morning, he had stated prior to bringing her home that animals don’t belong on furniture, I love how the rules bend!!! More cuddle time for me!!! He had his first day at his new job today and I think he missed her. The only thing he complains about is her “puppy breath”, but he still can’t stop cuddling her. I feel so enriched having her, I can’t imagine how having children will make me feel.

I think the picture of you and Kona should go on the website! You are a beautiful woman fulfilling your life mission let it shine! You have been a wonderful person to connect with and I honestly believe that you and Kona have been my angels to help me pull out of my depression type funk. You and her have guaranteed laughter and smiles and I plan on passing it on.

Thank you for everything!


PS: I’ve just started reading “From Baghdad with Love”, it is about a puppy that the marines found in Fallujah and adopted. Have you read it/ heard of it? I’m hooked on it!!!

Testimonials and Reviews #5 – #10

Testimonial #5 Angie, Dennis and Mike – Here is our first submission of Ella in her new digs. I would love to take more pictures, but it’s so much fun playing with Ella, I forget! I’m not sure who is wearing who out! She has us trained pretty well so far. Ella has brought much …

Testimonials and Reviews #11 – #18

Testimonial #11 Hello Angie and Dennis- Things here with the new puppy in Wisconsin are good. I just thought I’d drop a line to let you know that we all made it back home again. It took a little longer than it did to get down there, we made lots of stops for the puppy …

Testimonials and Reviews #19 – #26

Testimonial #19 Lizzie is ringing the bell to go out! After only a week! An she will “sit” and “down” (for a treat). Is she the smartest dog ever? (except for maybe her mama 🙂 Jill Testimonial #20 Angie/Dennis Everything went fine and Lily is resting comfortably as I type… sleeping on my son’s lap. …

Testimonials and Reviews #27 – #30

  Testimonial #27Hi all,Just a quick update about #4 from Ginger/CHewy named Ellie.We have had her nearly 4 weeks now and are getting used to being full time dog owners.  She will have been to 2 vet appointments and a groomer.  She is growing so fast and is a dream to walk and play with.  …

Testimonials and Reviews #31-#36

Testimonial #31Angie, Dennis, Mike and Lisa:Brandi is now five months old and is everything we could have hoped for in adog. The blend of golden retriever and mini poodle has given us a dog witha great temperament, loving disposition, beautiful – low shedding coat, andthe intellect from both breeds. Thank you for all of the …

Testimonials and Reviews #37 – #41

   Testimonial #37  Angie and crew, Just wanted to give you guys a quick shout-out and let you know that everything here in South Dakota is still as good as it was 3 years ago when we brought Tanner home.  Like I have told you before, he is actually a part of the family and does …

Testimonials and Reviews #42-#45

 Testimonial #42    Hi Angie Attached are 2 pictures taken on Sept. 6th. Our little guy Maximus was baby boy #4 from Sandy and Chewy’s F1b doodles. We came to CountryMiniDoodles after meeting Beni. She is one of Sophie and Chewy’s and belongs to Lisa and Josh….. Anyway, both dogs are amazing…so smart and so sweet. …

Testimonials and Reviews #46-#48

Dear Angie, I have been meaning to write you for a while.  Stanley (Cinnamon and Chewy’s baby) is a complete angel, he adds so much color and happiness to our lives.  He is everything we could have ever asked for in a canine family member.  He is now a little over a year and a …

Testimonials and Reviews #49-#52

Testimonial #49 Hello Angie! It has been well over a year since we picked up our puppy from you. I have been meaning to email you to tell you how much we have been enjoying her, but somehow time just slipped away from me. We picked up Lucia at the end of July in 2010. …