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Testimonials and Reviews #46-#48

Dear Angie,

I have been meaning to write you for a while.  Stanley (Cinnamon and
Chewy’s baby) is a complete angel, he adds so much color and happiness
to our lives.  He is everything we could have ever asked for in a
canine family member.  He is now a little over a year and a half and I
treasure every day with him!

My husband and I recently had our first baby.  Stanley fell instantly
in love with her.  He steals kisses whenever he can.  I just know he
and the baby are bound to be the best of friends.

I’ve included some pictures of him and him with the baby.  You can see
from the pictures how easy going and relaxed he is, especially around
baby.  One night she was crying in her basinette. Stanley jumped up
onto the bed (we allow him to do that) and looked into her basinette.
He started crying with her in total empathy.  It was too cute!  He
constantly makes me laugh- he is such a character.

 I’m begging my husband for a girlfriend for Stanley.  Hopefully in
the next few years, once things settle down with our human baby, we
can return to your wonderful farm to bring home a little girl!

Happy Holidays,


Testimonial #47

Hi Angie,   We got boy #2 of Chloe’s litter, and we absolutely love him!!!! We named him Finnegan, Finn for short and he is the light of our life!  He sleeps 9 hours at night and is totally potty trained, he even rings a little bell to let me know when he has to go outside!!! He s such a good boy! and he loves to play!! Did you guys do any training before we got him? (Funny because I now think I am the “Dog Whisperer” and my husband just thinks I’m crazy! and thinks you trained him before we got him, don’t worry either way, I won’t tell him! LOL!)    Thank you so much for such an awesome puppy and obviously you guys know what you are doing.  We have bragged about you to many people and we have several friends that are now interested and I’m sure will be calling you.   Below is a clip that we made and posted on YouTube of Christmas Day when we gave our boys the puppy, we thought you guys might enjoy seeing it.  We truly love him dearly and nobody can wait to wake up just to see him in the morning! He is very happy here and seems to enjoy his new home.   Thanks again, Dan, Laura, Connor & Sean

Testimonial #48

Hi Angie! I just wanted to give you a little update on our little Bella, Girl “B” from Ava’s last litter. She did super on the 10 hour drive back home to Minnesota! She slept for most of it, barely even knew she was in the car! We’ve had her for about 2 1/2 weeks now and I would say she’s about 95% potty trained. The only time she has an accident is if we don’t notice her standing at the top of stairs letting us know she has to go out, or if we don’t get to her quick enough! Ever since the day we got her she has always done “her business” right away when we take her out! Maybe it’s the freezing cold temps. we have here! She wants to get back inside! After about a week and a half of taking her out during the night to potty, she now sleeps all the way through the night and loves her crate!

She loves to run around with the kids and when she tires out she comes looking for me to snuggle up to, which I love! 🙂 She has been a wonderful addition to our family! Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy! We love her!

I have attached a couple pictures of Bella. As she grows I will send more! She’s growing so fast!!


Curt, Carrie, Ava and Kaleb