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Testimonials and Reviews #49-#52

Testimonial #49

Hello Angie!

It has been well over a year since we picked up our puppy from you. I have been meaning to email you to tell you how much we have been enjoying her, but somehow time just slipped away from me.

We picked up Lucia at the end of July in 2010. She is one of Riley and Chewy’s girls from their May 31, 2010 litter. (girl #3) She has been the best dog we have ever owned. She was sleeping well in her crate after two nights, ringing a bell to go outside after 5 days and has been such a sweet dog and a true joy to have around. We take her out and people just gush over her and want to know where we got her. We have referred a lot of people your way. J

Lucia is our “lake dog” and has been going to the lake with us on a weekly basis since she was 8 weeks old. She now gets down on the dock and runs as soon as she gets there to jump in the water and swim. She spends whole weekends down there with us and has never been any trouble at all. She knows that is her home away from home. The best part is that her “half brother” is there at the lake as well. His name is Ashburn and he is from Cupcake and Chewy’s litter on Dec 4th, 2009. (owned by Tiffany and Kyle) They spend a lot of time down at the lake together and love each other so much.

I have attached some pictures of Lucia and Ashburn taken this summer. Lucia is the more red colored one and the one with the pink collar. Ashburn has the blue harness.

Thank you again for all of your help. I am hoping in a couple of years, we can come get a brother for Lucia. J

Take care,


Testimonial #50

Hi Angie,

Miles has fit into our family perfectly! He’s healthy, smart, sweet & so much fun! Miles loves the snow, car rides, walks playing with his toys & giving equal attention to his 3 human siblings.

Our family is so happy with him & thrilled that we found Country Mini Doodles. When we take Miles out, we receive lots of compliments & questions. People want to know what breed he is & where we got him & tell us how sweet he is! All the employees at our local Uncle Bill’s pet store know his name & greet him when we go in.

Thank you!

Heather T

Testimonial #51

Hello Angie this is Sandra M again from Pa. We have Kianna from Chloe Jo & Chewies litter. We just love Kianna so much & she is really adjusting well. She is doing very well with her training and is getting well socialized. She makes us laugh everyday, she’s so silly. She is a real snuggle bug too. I had no idea that you also breed toy doodles & we are wondering how big they get? I really don’t want Kianna to ever grow up! We may be interested in getting another in the future. I am very impressed with how smart she is & how much she enjoys training, she really gets excited and looks forward to it. She was so easy to house train, she was ringing her bells to go out in only 2 days! Everyone falls in love with her and I give everyone you information so they can get one of their own. I keep a tight leash on Kianna….LOL. Thank You so much Angie.

PS, When we get back to Alaska I will send you an invite for the doodle reunion!!

,Sandra M

Testimonial #52

Dear Mike and Angie
Just wanted to send you a couple of recent photos of Maximus.

Today is his 3rd birthday…puppy #4 from Sandy/Chewy. F1b minidoodles

He is a certified Rainbow Animal Assisted Therapy Dog and visits schools and hospitals in our area.

Needless to say, everyone loves this sweet little Maxi-Boy.

Thank you again for providing such a great dog for us!

Hope things are going well for you!

Judy and Mark IL