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Testimonials and Reviews #5 – #10

Testimonial #5

Angie, Dennis and Mike –

Here is our first submission of Ella in her new digs. I would love to take more pictures, but it’s so much fun playing with Ella, I forget! I’m not sure who is wearing who out! She has us trained pretty well so far. Ella has brought much happiness to the household. Just this morning, Olivia commented on how cool it is to come home to find Ella standing at the back door with everything she has wagging in great anticipation of you opening the door so she can run out to give you lots of kisses!

CeCe would be so proud. When we would visit the puppies, CeCe would meet us with a tennis ball in her mouth, ready for a fresh arm! Ella has the same affection for the game! She does not discriminate – it can be a soccer ball, tennis ball, racquet ball…

She’s getting pretty good on the leash. She thinks all those people she meets are coming to see her. She’s so excited to meet new people and animals!

Thank you so much your kindness, generosity and help in making her part of our family. She keeps a smile on our faces all the time!

PS – Feel free to use us as a references, recommendations or endorsements – We will be charter members of the Country Mini-Doodle Fan Club!!

Thanks again,

Mike, Kristine, Kramer, Olivia and Ella!!

Testimonial #6

Hi Angie,

Well we have been very busy taking care of and falling in love with Lucky. He bolts for Kevin whenever he sees him. It is so awesome!!! Lucky is everything Kevin always wanted.

He really is a good dog. Getting bigger everyday. He is so smart. Last week he learned to come, sit, and lay down. He also goes to the back door and sits there whenever he has to go to the bathroom! We haven’t had any accidents in a long long time.He really seems to be picking up these commands very quickly.

He likes to chew everything. But we try to keep him occupied with nyla bones and toys.

Just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of him. He is so very cute. Very loving dog.

Thanks again for giving us such a great dog.


Testimonial #7

Hello Angie,

Sorry I have not responded sooner but I just started a doctoral program in Education and have had my hands so full. I do want to say THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Honestly, Koa has turn out to be the BEST DOG EVER, REALLY! He had a blast this last week-end, we were up in Santa Barbara for my Grad school orientation and my husband and two sons took him to the dog beach where he got to run off leash with wild abandon in the surf and sand. He was wonderful in the hotel room and caused no damaged. He has been absolutely amazing with our boys and sleeps often with my oldest son in his bed when he is not sleeping in our room (not allowed in mom’s bed). He’s absolutely a great traveler in the car and was fantastic on the plane. Many people were taking photos of him using their camera phone at the airport and on the plane. He loved all the celebrity attention. We started with the trainer a few weeks ago not so much because he needed it but because we had the certificate we had won in a auction. This Dog trainer was the original “Dog Whisperer” and has had many celebrity clients. The trainer has only made Koa even better especially to voice commands and not jumping up on everybody who walks though the door (especially me!), He seems much more calm and confident in our household and very much at ease.

I will definitely send you some pics as soon as we can figure how to down load.

Take care and thanks again for the WORLD”S BEST DOG!!!

Pam H

Testimonial #8


Jazz is still doing great! My son, Drew, just loves her and introduces her to EVERYONE proudly announcing, “this is my doggie!” She LOVES kids and wherever we go is drawn to any kids nearby! You can tell your kids did a great job raising her those first several weeks!! Tell them a big “thanks” from us ? I’ll try to send you a picture here soon.

Take care,

Sarah G

Testimonial #9

Hi, i snapped a few pics of Indy yesterday that I took of her and Grace (our daughter). If you remember, we decided to get a puppy because 2 of our kids were very afraid of dogs. Well, Grace has totally gotten over that with Indy and now can pet the neighbors cat and handles all animals with some calm. Indy is totally all puppy and is pretty much potty trained. I can see a lot of Toby (from the net pictures) in her disposition when she is sitting. She has not shed and my allergic nephew has not had any reaction to her.

We are all taking puppy obedience together because i can tell right now that she will outsmart us all!

Hope all is well, and I’ll send some good pics as i get them.


Testimonial #10

Hi Angie,

Yes, we have had several neighbors ask where we got her from.

We have referred about 4 families to your website in the past few weeks.

I have a feeling you may be shipping a lot more puppies to Orlando!

You & your husband have been great to deal with!

I really am so glad to have found you.

My husband was in an auto accident a few years ago & had to learn to walk again.

So this is bringing him so much joy to take Lacoste for walks around the pond where we live!

He doesn’t even eat dinner without taking her out to play first.

She really is like part of our family. It’s hard to describe & I never thought I would grow so attached to a pet.

Thank You for adding that special piece to the puzzle that was missing in our life!

Sincerely, Maria H