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Testimonials and Reviews #31-#36

  • Testimonial #31Angie, Dennis, Mike and Lisa:Brandi is now five months old and is everything we could have hoped for in adog. The blend of golden retriever and mini poodle has given us a dog witha great temperament, loving disposition, beautiful – low shedding coat, andthe intellect from both breeds. Thank you for all of the coaching before,during and after our selecting Brandi.We have taken several pictures of Brandi in hopes to send them to you forthe website, but the pictures do not capture Brandi’s beautiful facialfeatures and color. Brandi looks like a soft cuddly teddy bear.Brandi loves water and her favorite water activities are running into theshower while the water is heating up and being outside early in the morningwhen the sprinklers are running. Whether it is fetching her yellow tennisball, plastic toy bowl, or her Pokeman toy, Brandi loves to play fetch.Brandi has incredible strength in her back legs and uses this strength whenshe decides to stand on her back legs without support, much like a circusdog.Brandi is playful, yet has her quiet times too. When not playing you canusually find Brandi sleeping on the kitchen floor, air vent, under thecomputer table or sitting with us in our recliners when we are relaxing forthe evening.Brandi has been a great addition to our family. Brandi treats Drew (9) as ajunior leader of the pack, and at the beginning treated Brad (6) as aplaymate. Each month that goes by we can see Brandi’s relationship withBrad evolve into more of a ‘boy and his dog’ rather than a ‘dog and itsplaymate’.As you have heard, my husband Phil did not grow up with dogs and was noteager for us to get one. I am truly amazed at the relationship that Brandiand Phil have today. Phil takes Brandi with him as often as he can when hedrives our sons to baseball practice, karate, or any other activities. Andmost nights after the kids have gone to bed, you can hear Brandi and Philplaying ball in the basement.It warms my heart to see Phil, Drew and Brad getting so much enjoyment outof having Brandi in our lives. I highly recommend your puppies to anyonelooking for a great addition to their family. I would not recommend anyonegiving their puppy a name that is too close to their child’s name.”Bradley” and “Brandi”, doesn’t roll off the tongue easily…not sure what Iwas thinking.Thank you Angie, Dennis, and Mike for all your help before, during and afterour puppy selection process. Your actions truly support the words youprofess on your website.Cindy, Phil, Drew and BradGeorgia
  • Testimonial #32Hi Angie,I just wanted to give you an update on Boone (Peggy’s little boy). I’m�sure you get a lot of emails that say this, but I’m sure I’m the one�thats telling the truth- I have the absolute best dog in the world!�Boone has been so wonderful. He is my little baby- all he wants to do�is snuggle all day long. If you want to find Boone, all you have to do�is look down and 99% of the time he’s asleep on your lap. But don’t�get me wrong he loves to play! He will play fetch for hours if you let�him (must be the Golden side of him!). Coming home from class to�Boone’s kisses is the best part of my day- thank you again for raising�such wonderful goldendoodles. I have attached a few new pictures of my�13 pound ball of love. (The third picture of Boone is when we caught�him being naughty- chewing up some papers- but we couldn’t even yell�at him with a smile like that!)Darianne DWhat????? Boone is busted !!! He's one of Peggy's little F1b puppies :)
  • Testimonial #33To All,Sorry it took so long to update you on Sebi. He has been a wonderful addition to our family and we couldn’t be happier! He is able to venture around New York City now and he is a show stopper! Everyone stops us to ask, what breed he is and where did we get him. So we apologize in advance if you start to develop a following in NYC. Sebi just completed boot camp and he is now top of his class in obedience school! He is such a smart, lovable, and playful dog it is hard to go to work everyday! He has been growing like a weed averaging 2 pounds per vet visit and everyone in the vet’s office can’t stop raving about him! Sebi is the first one to play when you want but he is just as happy to sit in your lap and chew on his bone. If he sits next to you he will back up to make sure he is pressed right next to your leg. We are planning to reunite him with his sister Milly as soon as we take them out to Central Park. We have attached a picture so you can see how beautiful he has turned out! Tell Lilly and Chewy, job well done!Austin & Jamie Sebi  livin' large in NYC !!! He's one of Lilly and Chewy's puppies ! Sebi  livin' large in NYC !!! He's one of Lilly and Chewy's puppies !
  • Tesimonial #34Angie-We have not conversed in a long time! I just have to email you and tell you and Dennis how much you changed my life. I love my little Maggie with all my heart she is truly the best dog in the whole world! I take her everywhere with me. Everyone comments on her and how beautiful she is! I have had people riding in the car next to me lean their heads out and tell me I have a beautiful dog and ask what kind she is. I should have a bumper sticker that says ” wave at my beautiful mini golden doodle…she came from” If you make those I want one! She has been the love of our lives. She has a wonderful temperment and a beautiful color!! Thank you for making our family complete! We hope everything is good in your neck of the woods! We should bring Maggie out for a visit soon. We should probably bring my brother and sister…Zoey and Ginger are from the farm too!Thanks for your part in making us a happy,happy,happy family!!Caryn and Maggie S Maggie is one of Princess and Chewy's little girls !!!
  • Testimonial #35
  • Ziggy is at the head of his class ! He's one of Shela and Chewy's boys !
  • Angie,I just wanted to share some pictures of Ziggy with you! He was a little guy from Sheila’s litter. He is 5 months old now and doing absolutely wonderful! We took him on a trip out to Colorado, and he LOVED to climb mountains! He even had his first experience with snow up on the top of one of the peaks (which we have on video–it was so funny!!!).Anyway, I just wanted to thank you for raising such a great puppy. He is amazingly smart, loving, and playful…such a well rounded dog (and he’s only 5 months old!) He’s already been through puppy class, and they had little competitions on the last day for prizes (longest stay, longest leave it, ect) and Ziggy won EVERY single one! haha I just had to share that story because it was so amazing to me! The trainer cant wait to have him back for the intermediate level!I am planning to put him through training to become a therapy dog through the Touch Program here in St. Louis. I know he will make a huge impact on so many peoples lives because we all know what a difference dogs can make in our outlook on life!This was longer than I had planned, but I could talk for hours about how wonderful Ziggy is! Thanks again! I’m sure we’ll keep in touch!-Kirsten
  • Testimonial #36 Hi All,

    Just wanted to send a quick note with an update on Rosie… I promised Mike I would send pictures! I apologize it has taken so long.Rosie is one of Molly and Chewy’s pups born in August (we picked her up 9/26). She was the most bashful of the bunch for sure!! From the moment we picked her up she has been such a blessing to our family! Our three year old, and Rosie instantly bonded and have been buds since. She not only a beautiful dog, but so well tempered too! Rosie “prances” like she is pure royalty. We just sent her to K9 camp for three weeks and her trainers were utterly impressed with how smart she was and how easy she was to train… she was the highlight of the camp for sure!! Over and over we hear “Rosie is such a good dog”…Her vet, the K9 camp trainers and the groomers have made comments about her being a “‘good’ dog”, “well bred”, “definitely not a pet store dog”…etc. She steals the show everywhere we go!We were referred to you by two different minidoodle owners (both Chewy’s) and we are thankful everyday!Merry Christmas! A