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Testimonials and Reviews #19 – #26

Testimonial #19

Lizzie is ringing the bell to go out! After only a week! An she will “sit” and “down” (for a treat). Is she the smartest dog ever? (except for maybe her mama 🙂


Testimonial #20


Everything went fine and Lily is resting comfortably as I type… sleeping on my son’s lap. She seems very content and is getting all the attention she can handle, I have heard her bark only once so far.

She is even better looking in person… the airport people couldn’t wait to see her out of her travel crate….

Thanks for the advice you gave Vickie and we will send pictures shortly.


Testimonial #21

Hi Angie!

Just wanted to let you know how well Maddie is doing. She had a visit to the vet today and, of course, passed with flying colors. We can definately tell you guys started housebreaking her – she knows just what she’s supposed to do when she goes out. It’s just a matter of us getting her there at the right time! Last night she went from 10:30 until 7:00 this morning without needing to go!! She’s getting more and more used to us, and having so much fun with the boys. Yesterday and today she played outside with them in the snow just loving every minute! Everyone can’t believe just how loveable she is! It was so great meeting you guys. Thanks again for all of the love and care you and your family gave Maddie – it shows. We’ll keep in touch with some picture soon.


Testimonial #22

Angie & Dennis,

Just wanted to let you know that everything is going great with our new little gal!! We ended up naming her Jasmine and call her “Jazz” most of the time. The ride home went great. She slept most of the time on my lap and we stopped twice to let her play and “do her thing”. Later that evening I ran out to get a hot water bottle to tuck in her kennel with her for the night and when I got back my husband was sitting on the floor with Jazz sleeping on his lap!! They both were in love J

She has done great with her potty training!! Even goes to the door and whines to be let out! What 7 week puppy DOES that?!!!!

All that to say we are extremely happy with her!! She is a wonderful new addition to our family!!

We’ll keep you posted and hopefully send some pics of her as she grows.

Take care and THANKS AGAIN for a great dog!

Testimonial #23

Hi! I just thought you’d like a follow up on what an incredibly wonderful and smart dog Bear is. And the cutest dog I’ve ever seen too.

I hope you’ve also received emails from others who’ve adopted your puppies with the same sentiments. We are just thrilled with him and so is our golden retriever.

I hope all is well with you. I was, and still am, happy to be a reference for you!

Judy F.

Testimonial #24

Hi Dennis & Angie –

Wanted to let you know how Sawyer is doing. HE IS WONDERFUL! He is such a sweet natured little guy, smart, funny, cuddly, clean, calm, etc. etc. No one could have ever prepared us for what a great little guy he has turned out to be. At 6 months he is completely house broken, loves to play fetch, knows his bedtime, is crazy about the neighbor dogs and is completely dedicated to our family. And we can’t take him anywhere without people stopping to comment on how beautiful he is and to ask all kinds of questions about him.

Sawyer now weighs 33 lbs and the vet said he’s probably within a few pounds of his full-grown weight. He continues to lose baby teeth – we have found them all over the house – and he has not torn up anything in the house while teething! Give him a toy to chew on and he’s just not interested in anything else. He sheds, just a little, and would probably shed next to nothing if I brushed him regularly. He loves his bath time and spends alot of time trying to find a reason to get back into the tub!

Thank you so much for giving Sawyer such a good start and for providing us with such a loving new family member. We have a mutual admiration society going on between Sawyer and the rest of the family. . . he truly is the sweetest little dog in the world!

I’ve attached a picture of Sawyer . . let me know if you don’t get it. I finally got him this evening after he’d been running around like a crazy guy, chasing a frisbee in the back yard. He was chillin’ out on the kitchen floor and finally let me get a good picture of him.

Let me know how you guys are doing . . . I see you’ve got new puppies! Feel free to use me as a reference if anyone wants to know how great your puppies are!

Take care,


Testimonial #25

Callie and her brother and sister !! She's one of Lilly's girls ! Callie !!Testimonial #26Hi! My husand, Mason picked up George from you on December 22, 2007 as
a Christmas gift for me! I wanted to share some of our pictures with
you. We named our guy, George! He is the best…we can’t say
enough about him! He just recently “graduated” from Bark Tutor School
for Dogs…he was valedictorian!! Thanks so much for helping to bring George into our lives!! Jenni & Mason H George and his Diploma ! He was the valedictorian !! He's one of Morgan and Chewy's puppies !

Hi Angie! I hope you are all doing well. We are doing really good. I just wanted to take a minute and send you some recent photos of Callie. She is doing really well and we just love her so much! She is such a good dog and so smart. She is great with the kids and is just so sweet. She knows what toys are hers and won’t even chew on the kids toys if they are laying on the floor right next to her. She sleeps in our room at night and hasn’t had an accident in the house in months. We still crate her during the day when we are going to be gone for a while. It’s probably not even necessary but she doesn’t mind. Just wanted to say thanks for getting us such a great dog. We love her so much! Bridget W