Your Puppies’ First Year !


All of our puppies go to the vet when they are between 3-5 days old to have a check-up and to get their dewclaws removed…..

Their eyes usually open between 10-14 days old….Soon after their ears will open and they’ll be able to hear…..their vision and hearing will improve as they grow older…..

The next step for the puppies is usually beginning to walk…..up to this point they’ve been crawling.


After the first couple of weeks the puppies will start walking and will quickly advance to trotting and running !

At 4 weeks the weening process can begin as puppies start to be introduced to solid food.

At 5-6 weeks the moms start to spend less time with the puppies and nipping and play fighting begin.

At about 6 weeks, the puppies will go for their 2nd vet visit to receive a complete health check which includes their first set of shots and worming. At this time, the puppies are on solid food and the weening process is complete.

The Saturday between the 7-8th week is usually the time when the puppies are ready to be picked up….At 8 weeks is when the puppies that are flying home can be shipped…

As soon as you bring your new puppy home, the house breaking and teaching simple commands can begin. Also this is a good time to look into puppy classes that can help you with training and socializing your new puppy.

New owners should make contact with their vet to talk about the 2nd and 3rd set of shots that the puppies will need over the next couple of months and also discuss the timing for spaying/neutering your puppy. After the 3rd set of puppy shots, the adult dogs will need to return to the vet once a year for their annual shots.

Over the next few months after your puppy goes home, the milk teeth will fall out and be replaced my adult teeth….You may also notice your puppy losing it’s puppy coat…..

Adult height and weight is usually reached by around 10 months or so.

At around 11-12 months old, under your vets advice, the puppies can be switched from puppy food to adult food.